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The internet and mobile marketing can seem like a vast sea, sometimes with no end in sight. Where do I place my media? Is mobile better than social? How do I promote my company or product? If I buy X amount of banner views how many leads will I receive or how many sales will I make? Is our company’s website attractive

enough to get the sales or leads our business needs? It’s time to STOP guessing. With Lead Revolution you pay for one thing, the results! This changes the paradigm from how much you want to spend on marketing to how much you want to make.

  • The Re-Evolution of digital marketing…

    You say “I’d like to buy 100 customers”. We then work with you to fine tune your offer and site. We take your ad and place it on several different forms of media that you select and choose. You may prefer mobile advertising or social, or email, whatever it may be you can pick and choose those verticals through our tracking platform. What happens in the worst case scenario if we delivery your advertisement to 200,000 views and you still only receive 1 sale? What do you pay for? You still only pay for that 1 sale!! You gain all that name brand exposure to those 200,000 people without the risk and can now grow and scale your business more efficiently and effectively.

  • This is the Lead Revolution

    We believe there is nothing more important than gaining the long term satisfaction of a client. We make it our business to secure customer loyalty and promote your company or products, not ours. The quality of our marketing speaks for itself. We take the risk, we test your campaign, and promote it internally through our select vetted publisher base.

  • Know Your ROI

    Whether you are seeking a lead for a product or an actual sale of that product Lead Revolution can consult and fine tune your campaign to the results you need and come up with a pricing model based on the action you desire. It does not matter if the action you are looking for the user to take is a click at X price, a lead at Y price, or a sale at Z price, at the end of the day, you will know the exact result you will get.

  • Think of it this way…

    Conventional digital marketing: You buy a banner ad on a large site; you pay for 200,000 impressions or views of that banner. You get 1 sale.



Do you have a company, product or an idea and need to take it to the next level?

We thoroughly screen each publisher prior to approval to guarantee the highest quality traffic for our advertisers. Advertisers are also screened to ensure quality campaigns are backed with the right business plan to keep campaigns

live. We also pride ourselves in providing our publishers quick payouts and accurate reporting methods.
A relationship with publishers is a strategic partnership. We take fewer margins on each advertise

ment so that publishers will earn higher profits for every lead or sale generated. There are hundreds of ads to choose from and a growing selection of unique offers available exclusively to Lead Revolution publishers.


Do you have a company, product or an idea and need to take it to the next level?

Is your website not getting the conversions you need? Are you over paying for the customer service your product needs? Can your CRM handle the growth of your business?
As a full service ad agency we take the next step and consult our clients on every step of the way to fine tune their business. From hosting to CRM’s, we will make sure we point you in the right direction so your business can handle the

amount of advertising we will send you. The sky is the limit and with our consulting team we will make sure your company is prepared for the robust growth from our marketing strategies.
Our alliance with XI United gives our clients additional access to the top web and technology development the world has to offer. Our clients include: GM/PIXAR, The Beach Boys, Mike Love, Boom Loans.

We can look at your website and with over 13 years of marketing experience we can improve and engineer your campaign from the ground up. Don’t have banners? Our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t have a promotional website yet? Worried it won’t convert as well? Let our experts build it for you. The better your site converts a hit to a lead or sale the less that sale or lead will cost.

Recent Work

  • Mike Love

    Fans love Mike Love and this site is just the place for them to interact with the legend.

    launch project

  • CourseSaver

    Developed app to give university students access to study courses on their mobile phones and tablets.

    launch project

  • The Beach Boys

    Created a deeply nostalgic experience for Beach Boys fans with a fun, interactive site.

    launch project

  • NutraSumma

    Built a beautiful, inspirational site that features a video sizzle reel we filmed here in Phoenix.

    launch project

  • FlyReply

    Developed cloud-based CRM solution that features industry-leading tools to manage and analyze email marketing.

    launch project



Lead Revolution’s parent company is Xhibit™.

Xhibit™ is a leading software, mobile, and social media company and developer. Through this relationship you can ensure you are receiving access to the latest proprietary CRM platforms and tech-

nology for reliable campaign reporting and management.
With this strategic alliance LeadRevolution can offer you access to advertising on many of Xhibit™’s social media and mobile properties.

If you need mobile, social, CRM or software development please visit www.xhibitcorp.com


Lead Revolution is the result of over 13 years of tested digital marketing experience.

Our goal was to create an ad agency that took the next step, by integrating every digital marketing vertical and development need in one place. We have accomplished our goals. If our clients seek to promote digital they can be assured that there is no better company that can meet all their needs.
Consumers are increasingly using email, mobile, social media and

websites to access information and interact with brands. Media consumption is shifting from offline channels to interactive channels, as evidenced by Forrester’s finding that in 2010, 33% of weekly media consumption among U.S. adults occurred through the Internet.(1) This is driving marketers to increase the percentage of advertising spent on interactive marketing. According to Forrester, U.S.

marketers plan to increase spending on interactive channels (defined as display, search, email, mobile and social media) as a percentage of total advertising spending from 16% in 2011 to 26% in 2016, creating a projected $77 billion market in the United States by 2016, of which email, mobile and social media marketing spending is expected to grow from approximately $4.8 billion in 2011 to nearly $15.7

billion by 2016, representing a compound annual growth rate of 27%.(1) In addition to this large U.S. market opportunity, we believe the addressable market outside the United States presents an even greater opportunity based on comparisons of population, Internet usage, mobile adoption and e-commerce spending. Key opportunities by channel include: Email, Mobile, Social, Websites.


    That means affiliates will need to become more creative to reach targeted customers. Lead Revolution gives you the tools to differentiate your offer from the others and succeed in the affiliate market



    Reach millions of consumers with access to our proprietary network of Internet publishers.


    Enjoy higher, quicker payouts and amazing performance incentives. When you perform well, everyone wins.


    More and more people are buying things from their mobile phones. Is your site optimized for mobile? We can help take your site mobile and even create a customized app so you can reach your customers o



    Did you know that mutual conversion optimization can lead to higher profits for both affiliates and merchants?


    eMarketer expects online spending to grow by 23% in 2012, surpassing the total media ad spending forecast of 6.7% in 2012.


    The market research firm Forrester predicts that retailers will spend $4 billion on affiliate marketing by 2014. That’s 16 percent growth each year! They also predict that within the next five years



    Symantec says that 41% of people online "need the internet in their everyday life."


    Efficient Frontier found that Search ROI increased by 18% quarter-on-quarter during 2011.


    That’s why we’ve partnered with XI United, a full-service creative ad agency. This gives our clients additional access to the top web, mobile and technology development the world has to offer. If


Our Management Team

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  • Richard Tarjeft

    Executive Director, Lead Revolution

  • Jessica Rich

    Affiliate Manager

  • Candace Kim

    Operations Manager

  • Ed Gonzalez

    Director of Sales



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